Welcome To The Salty Shores

We are a hard core survival/PvP server.

We are currently in alpha phase setup

Do not let our alpha status keep you from joining in the fun. All this means is we are still selecting mods, setting up starting towns (and all 4 are functional), and deciding where to build dungeons and event areas. Our player base is growing quick, so now is the time to get on and grab some prime realestate.


Being in alpha means we occationaly have to take the server down to make adjustments. While most of the adjustments only have a 3-5 minute down time, longer down times can happen when we implement major upgrades. All down times are anounced on our Discord

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A little info about our server

Our world is a custom made 4k water heavy map

See our map here

Our world has all 4 factions in play, to include freedom isles opperating as a global trade zone.

We are working on dungeons and instance zones to assist in delivering story based content. We currently have 3 GMs working to make The Salty Shores a place that all Wurm players will want to call home.